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Organizations today rely more on technology to be successful, a strong Information Technology (IT) strategy and plan are fundamental to their success. To deliver value, strategic IT planning must support the overall vision, human capital, legal and regulatory compliance, and business delivery process.  Technology not aligned to an organization’s business strategy represents a wasted investment. Ashtel helps clients develop a cohesive IT strategy that closely aligns with the organization’s business strategy, maximizes investment in people, process and technology, and is benchmarked against industry and non-industry best practices. Too often, companies purchase and implement technology that does not fully satisfy their business needs.Ashtel Gobal Information Systems, LLC works to ensure that companies invest in the right technology at the right time to solve the right business challenge.

Our Services assist organizations by providing:

Integration and alignment with the business delivery strategies of the organization
Contribution to the achievement of the organization's goal and objectives
Key areas of critical success factors towards the overall technology strategy
Business cases for the executive team with  easily measurable, non ambitious, realistic time lines to projects
Adaptability of best practices in implementation

Our Key Services

The ability of an IT organization to deliver successful projects on time and within budget determines its credibility and influence in an organization. Ashtel Global Information Systems, LLC implements best practice delivery with the focus of projects delivered on time and on budget.  Our team of professionals consistently review the market for better ways to produce results.  Our service focus is typically:

Contract Chief  Information  Officer Services
Technology Strategy development and Design
Proposal and Business Case Development
Team Facilitation
Project Implementation Management