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Organizations struggling with the fallout from today's economy have a heightened need for enterprise architecture. Mergers and acquisitions, eBusiness solutions, and Customer Relationship Management demand strategies that allow for maximizing legacy infrastructure while integrating new partners, emerging technologies, and critical information.

The current business environment makes the need for IT planning and architecture more urgent than ever before. The potential benefits of new offers and customers in addition to tailored customer interactions are enormous. However, the challenges have proven to be many-integration of multiple infrastructures, finding resources who understand the challenges, developing strategies for integration of front-end client requests and responses, and back-end operational systems and data

.Ashtel Global Information Systems, LLC Enterprise Information Architecture Service has developed a practical, experience-based approach to dealing successfully with these challenges. Our IT Planning/Information Architecture methodology includes: Practical, Business-focused guidelines for developing Architecture using Frameworks, Business and Architecture Modeling, Gap Analysis, Project Identification, and Implementation Strategies. Ashtel Global Information Systems, LLC Enterprise Information Architecture consultants can develop your architecture, coach your team as you develop architecture outputs or deliver a three-day architecture workshop at your site or ours.